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  We strive to be competitive here and offer a fair set rate across all of our small repairs the rate is 85 dollars for the first hour this covers the drive time and assessing of the project  every following hour is a flat 65 dollars an hour. 

  Larger jobs that take more than a day to complete are priced at a fixed rate based on the scope of the job when the price is agreed upon then the work can be set into motion.


When it comes to carpentry it's a vague term that covers everything from framing to fine finishing work, and that is what we are capable of. Now we are not home builders and we don't do additions, we can however remove walls and add beams.


Here at Daniels we have been setting tiles for over 20 years and enjoy challenges. The current trends are leaning towards larger tiles. We have installed tiles as large as 2 feet by 4 feet as well as 3 by 3. Our saws can handle these sizes. We also can do natural stones. If you look in our gallery you can see some of our tile jobs from the past. 

We do all sorts of plumbing form changing toilets to new kitchen sinks. We however are not the guys to call for clogged drains, we are just not equipped for it.


We do all types of interior painting other than cabinets. 


We do a wide variety of drywall work from hanging new drywall to small touch-ups before painting.


we are only a phone call away

​for a price estimation
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