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  I have put together a team of contractors and designers who will help you navigate through the mind field of product and pricing. We understand that a kitchen renovation can be a daunting task with the prices ranging for 20 thousand to 100 thousand. Our goal is to first understand what you are looking for and then to see how your goal can be achieved with the budget you have in mind.

  How we work is we have a consultation at you home where we see the starting point and measure up the space. We go over the ideas of what you would like to see in the space and we will help guide with suggestion on how to fix layout, design, paint colors. Its at this point we talk about budget, as someone with two young kids at home I understand that budget and quality are important. There are always ways to save a little money and get the high end look, but never cut back on quality. We strive to give the same quality of renovation no matter the budget.

  The next thing we do is back at the shop we make up drawings and pull out some material ideas that fit in your budget and in your wish list. We then set up a time to meet either at my location or your home and go over materials and layouts and pricing. This is where we fine tune pricing and find out what's important and what more of a hope. We also offer up suggestions on how to adjust materials to fit budgets.

  After prices have been set and materials have been ordered the job can be set into motion. The team that sold the job is the same team that over see the compilation of the job. This means you always have access to the same team and there is less miscommunication about what need to be done to complete the kitchen  and get the look that was talked about originally. 

  While the job is going on your home can be in a bit of a state, this is why we work hard to contain our construction to our location. We plastic off doorways and cover floors leading to and from areas we are working in. We also strive to keep the job moving at a professional pace to minimize the time it takes to get your life back to normal.

  Upon completion We go over the entire project and make sure that it is what was expected or better. This sounds like the simplest part but it can take days to see things that might be a problem and this is why we always wait a few weeks to have this part signed off on.  It is after this is signed off on that the one year warranty starts, but if things come up one year and a day after that point you can still call us up and we will fix it.

we are only a phone call away

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